Company History

IC Engineering began in the telecommunications industry specializing in design and upgrades of antenna mounts on roof tops, towers and monopoles. Our work spanned the entire United States and helped the telecommunication industry get the head start they needed. We have also structurally analyzed thousands of towers as consultants and created custom reinforcements, mounts, and foundation solutions.

Our structural expertise comes from our engineers' experience working with structures of all sizes and uses. Our engineers have designed and analyzed: parking decks, bridges/overpasses, roofs, transmission towers, telecommunication towers, footings and foundations. Our engineers have offered sustainable technology options in our projects for the past decade. We are proud of our team and also the network of engineering professionals that we have met along the way.

Our engineers have extensive project experience in: steel & concrete structures, bridge design & modification, housing & development. IC Engineering started off in the telecommunications industry specializing in upgrades and reinforcements of structures. We are the innovators of the Monopole Reinforcement Sleeve System (MRSS) and the Spider Support System (SSS), both of which are patent pending and copyrighted remediation products.

Moving Forward

We are providing services in the following areas: structural analysis and design, renewable technology integration, design, construction and project management.